Christian Marriage

Christian marriage Here is something interesting - we could find more than 15 000 books and EBooks, which are dedicated to helping you prepare, improve or save your marriage. There is a very good reason for this vast number of resources: 41-43% of every marriage ends up with a divorce. Another interesting fact is that Christians who go to church on a regular basis are less likely (35% to be more accurate) to divorce compared to secular couples. So, Christian faith can give us something that modern marriage counselors can’t.

Ministry is the core of the Christian marriage.

Some of you might be thinking “What exactly do these guys mean by ministry?” Well, this time ministry stands for “to serve”. Just a simple example: when Christ came, he didn’t come to be served, he came to serve.

The Bible says that marriage is identical to the relationship between Christ and the church. Your spouse should be your ministry, or in other words you should serve your spouse and the opposite goes as well - you partner should serve you. Marriage according to the Bible is a two-way process. Some might say that the church is also your ministry and that will be correct, but you can have only one primary ministry and that is your spouse. However in Christian marriage the husband and the wife serve each other in different ways.

Sacrifice and submission in the Christian marriage.

The Bible says that the husband should dedicate his sacrificial love and protection to the family and the wife in turns, should submit herself to his leadership. Some of you won’t like this, because we live in a modern society where women and men have equal rights and responsibilities, but you should understand that this is how the Bible is interpreted. What’s more, what kind of woman can reject such absolute love and protection?

The Christian marriage is all about sacrificial love, protection and submission. The spouses’ roles may be different, but they are equally important and vital for a proper Christian marriage. Before you rush out of this page, remember that we all are equal heirs to the God’s kingdom, but with different tasks. If you enjoy this page, don’t forget to check out our article section where you can find more in-depth information regarding Christianity and marriage.

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