Sentry The Sentry is a robot-drone with very powerful protective abilities. Designed to be the perfect support for the Protoss's small army, it can create illusions of the units in order to confuse the enemy. They are highly functional and armed with everything necessary to turn the defeat to victory.

Unit Type: Mechanical Light Psionic


  • Attack Type: Ranged (5)
  • Attack Damage: 6 (+ 3 after max upgrades) All Armor Types
  • Speed: Attack (1) Movement (2.25) Sight (10)

Use of Sentry

  • Can attack air and ground units.
  • The perfect protection for your Stalkers and Zealots.
  • The Sentry can protect other units in the surrounding area with his Guardian Shield ability and can also block or separate enemy units with the Force Field ability.
  • Very good against Zergling and Zealot.
  • Weak against Reaper, Hydralisk and Stalker.




Hallucination – Creates a duplicate of the original unit, which has its passive abilities only. These duplicates don't deal any damage and are easier to kill, but their task is to confuse the opponent and to draw the enemy fire away from the real units. A Sentry can make only 1 hallucination of: Archon, ColossusImmortal, Phoenix, Void Ray, Warp Prism; 2 hallucinations of: High Templar, Zealot and Stalker; and 4 Probe hallucinations.

Force Field

Force Field – A Plasma barrier that barricades the path for ground units and they can't pass through. However massive units will destroy this barrier upon contact. Last for 15 seconds.

Guardian Shield

Guardian Shield – Creates a protective shield around the Sentry for 15 seconds. Allies that are in the shield's range take -2 damage from ranged attacks.



Protoss Ground Weapons 1

Protoss Ground Weapons 2

Protoss Ground Weapons 3

Protoss Ground Weapons – Increases the damage of ground units. Has three upgrades.

Protoss Ground Armor 1

Protoss Ground Armor 2

Protoss Ground Armor 3

Protoss Ground Armor – Increases the armor of ground units. Has three upgrades.

Protoss Shield 1

Protoss Shield 2

Protoss Shield 3

Protoss Shield – Improves the shield armor of all units and structures. Has three upgrades.


Hallucination – Allows Sentries to create fake images of real units in order to distract and confuse the enemy.

StarCraft 2 WCGCompetitive play with Sentry


VS Terran

The Sentries are crucial for every PvT match, because of their Force Field and Guardian Shield abilities.

  • Force Field. You can use this ability to block the entrance to your base and thus stop an early marine rush. Another tactic is to use the spell to split your enemy’s army so you can deal with it more easily or you can even block the entire army, if you can handle it. The Force Field prevents the opponent from reaching your vital damage-dealing units like Colossi or Immortals.
  • Guardian Shield. This ability reduces the incoming ranged attack by 2, which makes it extremely effective against the enemy’s Marines.

VS Protoss

In mirror matches the Sentry is useful to block the entrance to your base and to reduce the damage of the enemy’s Stalkers.

VS Zerg

In this kind of matches the Sentry is important to, yes you guested it - to block the entrance and prevent early rushes. What’s more, the Zergs rely greatly on their ground forces, so a well-placed Force Field in mid-game will reduce their efficiency. Keep in mind that the Roaches have only 4 range and your Stalkers - 6, so a good Force Field will render the Roaches useless. The Zerg players often use Mutalisks, but your Guardian Shield does a great job negating their attacks.




VS Terran

  • The Siege Tanks in siege mode are very good, thanks to their great range.
  • The Ghost’s ability to burn energy, EMP, is perfect for these little robots.
  • Do Not Use Reapers, because they can't jump over the Force Field.

Countermeasures Sentry

Countermeasures Sentry

VS Protoss

  • Use Stalkers with researched Blink ability and focus-fire the Sentry.
  • The Zealots with Charge ability are efficient too, but watch out for the Force Shield.

VS Zerg

  • Roaches, with the upgrade that allows them to move while burrowed, are perfect for killing Sentries.
  • Send many Zerglings with the Metabolic Boost ability to destroy the Sentries as soon as possible and then attack with the rest of your army.
  • Use the Ultralisks’ massive bodies to destroy the Force Fields, so that your army can pass and crush the rest.

Countermeasures Sentry