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Matchmaking Rating (MMR)

StarCraft 2 MMR Before we begin, let’s make one thing clear. We are going to tell you only solid, officially confirmed information. There are a lot of theories regarding the algorithms behind the MMR, but none of them has any proof or official confirmation.

What is MMR actually? The MMR is something really cool - it tells Battle.net how skilled you are. The MMR is used to find you an opponent with similar skill; this could be a player from an upper, lower or your current league. What’s more, the MMR defines whether your skill is high enough and stable enough to be promoted or demoted. Basically the MMR is the most important figure when it comes to leagues, placement and finding an opponent. The thing that is wrong with the MMR is that it is hidden and this SUXX... don’t you agree with us? Why can’t we see our MMR? We believe that this is not some top secret, confidential information and everybody should know how good are they doing and how much more do they need for a promotion. Don’t you agree?

We can’t tell you the exact formula used to calculate each player’s MMR. In fact, no one can say this for sure; as we said already, there are a lot of theories (some very good, to be honest), but nothing with hard evidences. However, we can give you some pointers on how to get an idea of how your MMR is going. First of all, your division points: if your division points are increasing, so is your MMR. The working principle is the same: you win – you get points, you lose – you lose points. Next, take a look at your opponents (after the game). If you are being match against opponents from a higher division often, you are on the right tracks and promotion is around the corner.

Blizzard Entertainment is not a perfect game developing company, StarCraft 2 is not a perfect RTS, but it sure is the best right now. We are here to help you, and help Blizzard understand what the gamers need, want and hope for.